Feast Watson Re-love Project – the end result

You may remember the Gossip Table that I selected for the Feast Watson Re-love Project earlier in the year… well after many busy weekends of stripping, sanding, preparing, painting and learning the art of upholstery I am delighted to announce that I’ve finished!  It was always my intention to give the piece a modern makeover with fresh colours and the end result is such a contrast to the original piece.

The work started with sanding back the table, rather tricky with so many intricate details and the discovery that the top flat part of the table was not ‘real timber’ so it needed covering.  In the end this was a blessing in disguise as the new mirrored top looks fantastic.

Here are the transformation photos:


The Feast Watson products used in this restoration project were:


Liming White Solution

Here I am – the happy designer pictured with the finished piece.


You may be wondering what happens now?!  This gorgeous piece of re-loved furniture will be auctioned off on eBay, the auctions commence on 9th May and will conclude on 18th May.  Further details will be updated on the Re-love website and all proceeds of the auctions will be donated to the Salvos Stores.