How to Use the Internet to Source Your Restoration Project

Following on from my successful restoration of the gorgeous Gossip Table for the Feast Watson Re-Love Project I thought I would share how I sourced the piece online.  As the owner of an online homewares store and an avid online shopper it made sense that I would turn to the Internet to find the perfect piece.


Where to start your online search:

  • Know the terminology of what you are looking for and use all variations.  For example the telephone table is also often referred to as a telephone chair and may even be abbreviated to a phone table.  Remember to look for variations, the eBay or Gumtree seller may not use the same terminology as you!
  • Have a firm budget and be prepared to haggle (obviously not possible with eBay) but for online listings on other websites do not feel obliged to pay the asking price.  Work out your ideal price and then often a little lower so you have some negotiation room.
  • Research – if you are unsure of the look you want to achieve I suggest having a look at Pinterest for inspiration prior to beginning the search.
  • Start the search!  My two favourite sites are Gumtree (where I found the telephone table) and eBay.  eBay can be a little more problematic as you often find something you love in another state and the cost of delivery can be prohibitive.  The great thing about the Gumtree website is being able to select local searches and narrow down what is in your area.
  • Don’t rule out social media, a lot of fabulous second hand stores sell great pieces via their Facebook page.  Find some great local stores and start following them on Facebook to keep up to date.  You can even send them a Facebook message to see if they have what you are after.
  • Be patient!  It’s worth waiting for the right piece so take your time to shop around and if the perfect piece pops up snap it up while you can.
Happy searching!!