An Interview With Designer ‘Lindsey Lang’

We are delighted to bring you a new Blog Series – Interviews with Featured Designers on SE10 Gallery. Today’s interview is with Lindsey Lang.

1.   When did you start out in business and were there any major challenges you faced?

I first started Lindsey Lang Design in Jan.2012, and there are many new challenges that arise with starting a business. My days are completely varied, so although it is nice to make my own schedule I am always pushing myself to learn new things that could improve the brand. Although I have worked for 7 years in graphic design I still had to teach myself how to build my own e-commerce website, e-shots, manage databases and get completely stuck in with complicated spreadsheets. My strength is the design and creativity side of things, so staying on top of changing technology is not the easiest thing for me to do.

2.   Looking at your style it would seem that your pieces are not only practical; however are definite pieces of art in its own right. How much time approximately is spent on designing each individual piece?

There’s really no way to measure it, I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and thinking about the next design…I sketch, and map things out on the computer but I could spend a longer time making refinements. There is always a moment when I am working through my ideas and something just clicks and think, Stop! That’s is the one! This realisation could take days, weeks or even months.

Lindsey Lang Homewares Designer

3.   Writers have writers block from time to time, do designers suffer designers block?

Well, the designing bit comes quite naturally for me, but I have to make sure that my surroundings and head is free from clutter…Sometimes that can be difficult whilst maintaining a business, so I do yoga to try to keep my head clear from unnecessary worries and stress.

4.   Do you live by a particular mantra / motto, if so what is it?

I recently heard someone say ‘listen hard, and change fast’ and I do think that is quite a good one for me. It reminds me to remain inquisitive.

5.   Your favourite part of the design process is?

Well, I really enjoy creating bespoke designs for particular projects, and it is so amazing when I get to see the final design upon installation.

6.   Are there any exciting new collections about to be released?

Yes, it has been a big big year! We launched 20 new designs for our new wall and flooring collection at Design Junction last month. You can see that at Also, we have just launched our new ‘Arc’ Collection for last week. You can buy our new rugs and cushions at! (Please note: unfortunately Australian customers can’t get deliveries from yet!)

Designer Bio

Trained as a fine artist, much of Lindsey’s inspiration has developed through her experience in colour theory, graphic design and illustration. She is constantly inspired by the bold and vibrant surroundings of London. The Lindsey Lang products display a playful use of colour, injecting bright, modern designs to delight and enhance any home.

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