What Everyone Is Saying About Designer Homewares…

Chevron, ratten, gold, silver, shiny, matte, luxe, recycled, pastels, brights – argh! How do you keep up with the latest trends and what everyone is saying about the latest designer homewares trends?

Designer Homewares

We are surrounded by so many beautiful images these days both in glossy magazines and online but how can we relate this inspiration to our own homes?

  1. Start with the basics and work from there.  By starting with the large pieces like sofas, tables and artwork you’ll create a beautiful base… the investment pieces need to be loved beyond their trending time in magazines.  It’s too expensive to follow trends every 12 months for these items!
  2. Designer homewares can add the wow factor – a simple sofa with a luxurious cushion suddenly looks more sophisticated and inviting.
  3. Use what everyone is saying about designer homewares to your advantage rather than feeling overwhelmed… the best part about decorating our homes is that it is ‘ours’.  If you love every thing in your home is doesn’t really matter what the current trends are, it doesn’t take a magazine look to feel happy in your space.  So what if your designer cushion from 3 years ago is sitting next to a brand new one!  It takes time to achieve a look that you love, the wonderful part about designer homewares and trends is that unlike larger investment pieces it doesn’t break the bank each time you want to update the style of a room.
  4. If you invest in designer homewares you are investing in your home for the long term rather than buying cheaper products that won’t last or products you’ll throw away when the next trend comes along.  We should be mindful of our environment when purchasing products for our home and that includes decorative items.  Imagine handing down a beautiful vase to your children or a designer embroidered cushion from your favourite chair. Our grandparents used to do this but it doesn’t happen so much these days.
It’s great to take in all of the latest inspiration and what everyone is saying about homewares trends but enjoy making your house a home and don’t get too caught up in it all because if you truly love the space your create it really doesn’t matter whether it is on trend or not!What current interiors trend do you love and want to implement in your home? Or perhaps there is something you see in the magazines that makes you cringe! (Please post your comment below!)